The Beetle imagined to go to the beach, low rider version through another demanding a whopping 500 Nags, it is a complete program presented by Volkswagen USA and different interpretations of the Beetle unveiled at the occasion of SEMA Show. Review details precisely.

Volkswagen Beetle

We can already name Beetle VWVortex based on a Beetle Turbo but here supercharged by a new turbocharger GTX (as a technical innovation lighthouse) to make peak power to 500 hp all round. Short springs Kit H & R or new braking assembly is also on the menu.

We can also mention the Super Beetle which leaves discover its rims Split Formula TR of 19″, its delivered from bodywork to thy azure blue metallic, its gums Michelin Pilot Super Sport or even its Recaro sport seats. Also note the Beetle Beach Cruiser to the evocative name and claiming 400 hp.

Volkswagen Beetle

Finally, place the “Chopped Top” Beetle of GAS (Galpin Auto Sports) based on a lowered and stiffened, gaining a unique livery, optical and over-dyed windows, new rims, etc.. Claimed atmosphere? Vintage Inspired low rider.

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