The great plan of merger between Grand-Am and ALMS in 2014, called United Sports Car Racing, is still in full definition phase to its part prototypes with the difficult implementation equivalence of LMP2 and Daytona Prototypes.

Porsche 911 GT America

For by GT against the things are clearer, allowing Porsche to launch with the 911 GT America, the first car built specifically for the USCR.

The thing was not very complicated since the Daytona GT class looks like two drops of water on the existing receiving of 911 GT3 Cup. The new car is therefore based on the new 991 in Cup version, currently used only in Supercup but will be the car of the national cups in 2014. In this definition the car develops 470 horsepower from its boxer 4 liters.

The order book is open to interested teams which will be charged 269,000 dollars per copy to the departure of Weissach.

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