Disappeared in our latitudes, Nissan Maxima continues to lead a quiet life in the United States. Too quiet? The eighth of the name intends to shake a little segment. With eight generations since 1980, the Nissan Maxima remains faithful to the position in the US market (it is assembled in Tennessee) where it comes oversee Nissan’s range on full-size sedan segment. But with 50.401 sales last year, it made can be equal game with a Ford Taurus, but also less well than a Toyota Avalon (67183) and especially an unreachable Chevrolet Impala (140,280).

2015 Nissan Maxima

The newcomer extends a move initiated on the segment by others before it, Avalon or Impala. It accentuates even by giving virtually on the appearance of coupe. It contains all the key elements of style that Nissan intends to defend, details of the optical body folds on the sides or floating roof. All of these elements already seen on Murano. With 4M90 long, 1.86 wide and 1M435 high, it is both longer and lower than its predecessor.

The style is based on a well known engine, since the Maxima remain faithful to the 3.5L VG30E V6. Revised, it develops 300 hp and 354 Nm, associated to the continuously variable transmission (Xtronic CVT).

Flagship of the Nissan range, it adopts a mode selector conduct affecting management of the engine and gearbox, but also sound simulator, associated with the active noise control. Of course, all the driver aids are in the game: adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning and emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and lane change, monitoring the driver’s attention and 360° vision.

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