Why do bridge to charge the battery is bad idea in most modern cars?

There are customs that always worked, but they cannot stay in time. The automotive world evolves by leaps and bounds and increasingly dominated by electronics and automation.

bridge to charge battery

In this plane, many “techniques” that previously were associated purely to the simple mechanics, today are no longer viable. A delicate issue that few people know is what to do correctly when we have gone the energy of the battery of the car, especially with cars manufactured approximately from the year 2000 onwards.

To understand a little, let’s review the system. The battery is part of the entire car system. It is a fundamental component, without it, the car could not function. The battery gives us energy by turning the key and starting the engine, then closing an electric circuit with the alternator, which is basically a power generator that feeds the system and returns part of the energy that gives the battery at start up or while the engine does not work.

Pay attention to what is said about the alternator. This generator is responsible for giving the voltage in operation, which may vary according to some conditions, such as the consumption charge or the base voltage of the battery.

When the battery power is going and run the engine with some auxiliary technique (doing bridge or pushing), the system recognizes it and by default the device that controls the energy delivered by the alternator, increases the voltage to try to return as much energy as possible to the battery.

It is here when things do not go well; this rise of voltage suffers transistors, memories and thousands of electronic elements very sensitive to voltage changes. If the voltage rises are repeated, many of these elements might be damaged; resulting from dead, fuses or relays burned engines.

Another thing that affects the “bridge” between batteries is that the tremendous amount of energy that is used in the game could generate damages in sensors of both cars, either by voltage spikes or by the magnetic arc that the cables produce.

What is correct?
Charge the battery externally, either with a small or larger charger, but try to return the most amount of energy lost, not to force the car’s charging system. Perhaps, with the first starting the car will work well, but to stop it, it is likely not to live again… and if not something happened, reiterating these actions will cause damage sooner or later.