Volvo improves electric C30

The Swedish automaker and its partner Siemens continue to refine the declination power of the C30. A new version might be called V2 or 2.0, and just won several areas. It will be the object of a hiring with hundred specimens with some European consumers as from this summer. Ultimate stage before a broader introduction?

electric C30

Last November, Volvo and its partner worked on the design and development a new three-phase charger. Finally here is the realization. The C30 electrified so gains a new fast charger of 22kW and operating in phase.

This will give a full charge in 1:30 on a specific terminal or between 8:00 and 10:00 on a regular household power outlet. In theory, according to the driving cycle and NEDC certification, the maximum range reaches 164km.

This trend is not only because Volvo also announced that its C30 emission inherits a more powerful engine. It delivers a maximum power of 89 kilowatts (120hp) and a torque of 250Nm for a 0 to 70 km/h shot down into 5.9s. This improved generation will be tested at the European level, since a fleet of one hundred copies will file the roads of the old continent.