Used Car Negotiation Tips – Avoiding the Bad Deal

Used car dealerships can have a really bad image where some people are concerned, and often this is not deserved. Looking at what others have had to say about a given car dealership is important, because it helps a buyer to avoid being taken advantage of in many cases.

used car negotiation tips

There are just way too many different used car dealerships in a given area to justify choosing a bad one, which is why looking at a few is always a good idea. There are pros and cons involving just about any used car seller out there, but the main thing to keep an eye on are their warranty policies.

Talking it Over

Being able to talk to a salesman and their manager about a prospective purchase is key in not only choosing a good dealership, but also receiving a lower price. It is not all about haggling though, much of the reason some people receive a lower price on a used car is their willingness to be patient when going to a used car dealership. If you see a car that you like at a price that is too high do not be afraid to shop around, and do not be shy about telling the salesperson. A buyer’s desperation can be ‘blood in the water’ for someone trying to make a sale, and the likelihood of receiving a discount will go down significantly.

Looking at the Fine Print

Looking at both the loan terms and the terms of any warranty one will receive is extremely important, because otherwise there is a chance that someone could end up buying a car with unfavorable terms attached. Having an interest rate that is too high, or an unsatisfactory car warranty, could turn the process of buying a used car into a complete nightmare. When in doubt consult with someone who is familiar with the automotive industry in order to see what your options might be.

Sealing the Deal

Once the terms are agreeable it is time to secure financing and then purchase the car, assuming the money is not available to purchase the car in full. Options like trade ins should be considered where possible, especially if the car being traded in will no longer be used. In some situations selling the car will be more advantageous than selling it though, so be sure to check out both options before going forward.