This is the new Volkswagen Polo GTI: 2.0 TSI and 200 hp to the front axle

New Volkswagen Polo was unveiled in the German city of Berlin. As we inform you, the new Polo is a more spacious car, with much more trunk and also noticeably more technological than its predecessor model. The design is somewhat continuist, but also notes that this is a new model and not a simple restyling. The case is that, in that same event, also presented the Volkswagen Polo GTI.

Volkswagen Polo GTI

A few weeks ago we were disappointed after Seat confirmed that we will not see a Seat Ibiza Cupra in this generation. Fortunately the Volkswagen Polo will have its GTI version. Nor is it that the Volkswagen Polo GTI is one of the most cool, passionate and sports utility in the world, but knows how to sell for its versatility in daily use and its speed on twisty roads.

The mechanics of the Volkswagen Polo GTI

The Polo GTI that is still commercialized at the moment uses a 1.8 TSI engine of 192 hp; although in the past it had used blocks with smaller displacement. The new GTI version of the German urban gives a new leap to equip a 2.0 TSI capable of delivering 200 hp. It also receives a sportier chassis that lowers the height by 15 mm and, optionally, can count on adaptive undercarriage.

While some sports today only offered with automatic transmission and steering wheel-mounted cams to handle it sequentially, such as the Renault Clio Sport, in the case of the new Polo GTI is not so. What a relief! The German brand has stated that the GTI can be 6-speed manual gearbox or incorporate a DSG of 7.

Volkswagen Polo GTI

Visible differences

Although the Volkswagen GTI does not bring with them a radical aesthetic change (is part of its philosophy), neither is difficult to differentiate it from a “normal” version to glance. In this Volkswagen Polo GTI we find a more aggressive front bumper (but not anything scandalous) that incorporates a lower grille with sharp edges and a honeycomb grille finished in black. At half height we see the typical red line that runs the front horizontally and also runs through the headlights.

On the side we can differentiate for its bicolor tires, which will be 17 inch in series and 18 optional. A black profile crosses the four sides of the Polo GTI, although it is in this side view where it is most noticeable. At the rear of the body we have a specific upper wing, a sportier bumper with diffuser in black and a double exhaust rounded on the left side.

In the interior does not lack the typical tapestry paintings usual in Volkswagen GTI, a sports steering wheel in black leather with red stitching and the bottom slightly flattened part, also upholstered red stitching on the gaiter gear shift and the floor mat or roof trim and of the pillars in black color among others.