The new 2018 BMW M5 has been leaked!

2018 BMW M5

With each new generation of the BMW 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series or 6 Series we find that for several months we were impatient to discover the version signed by BMW Motorsport. For many months now the BMW 5 Series has made its debut in the market and since then has been speculating about possible data of the BMW M5. In May the brand confirmed to us that it would be full traction, showing some images of a camouflaged unit in its entirety.

The BMW M5 will be unveiled by the Bavarian brand today, but some images of the model have run through the network to irrigate the part in the company. We have also leaked some data that we hope to confirm within a few hours when BMW makes its official presentation. Its engine will be a 4.4L V8 able to deliver about 600 hp at full capacity, although there are those who venture to bring the figure closer to 700 hp. Let’s look at its aesthetic.

2018 BMW M5

If the reported benefits can not be trusted, the aesthetic is clearly yes. The BMW M5, as is common in all models dressed by M, presents a sportier aesthetic, more aggressive, more daring. Much bulky air intakes on the front, aerodynamic lips, specific tires, the rear light spoiler on the trunk lid and a rear diffuser with the four prominent exhaust outlets that always put an extra point in favor in the rear view.

The exterior receives a few details that increase the aesthetic sportiness of the model, but it turns out that the interior is even more different than the exterior. The seats we see in the images are spectacular, although much of “guilt” has that striking black and white contrast. These colors are repeated in the central tunnel and in the dashboard. The steering wheel is a new invoice, with cams and some orange keys that should be for a quick selection of driving modes.