Mercedes C Class


This is a fact: the days of the current generation (W204) of the sedan through the manufacturer to the star are counted as the generation is expected to be next year, between Geneva Motor Show and appointment you in Frankfurt.

Mercedes C-class

Mercedes continues to refine the development while new spyshots have the shed a little more light. Or not. Once again, spyshots showing the next generation of the Mercedes C-Class can not frankly be an opinion. Blistered, camouflaged from front to back through the flanks, German sedan keeps its mystery.

The spyshots allow rigor to reveal a little more to the side level but it’s still not much. One is however in right to hope for a drawing less angular than the current generation if it takes again well on its account the stylistic orientation declined on the F800 concept.

As for the amateurs of big space of loading, they will wait until the grinding station-wagon which will follow. Other data quite clear: the future of the C-Class will long history more clearly mark the distance with CLA future… To follow.

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