Look at the new Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen unveils on its revisited Polo. Let there be no mistake, that changes the most is mainly in what is not seen. We rushed to Wolsfburg to throw an eye on the German Ant.

Volkswagen Polo

As for the rest of the range, VW does not operate a stylistic turning on its Polo. Let’s be honest, only insiders recognize the latest version at first glance. However note that the city sees its redesigned front bumper, and a discreet touch of front and rear lights for the most visible. Nothing radical, the recent owners of the model will not see their car take a sudden blow of old.

The interior has a right to treatment which modernized throughout, with a significant gain in perceived quality, even closer to Golf. The general design of the dashboard does not really change, except that now integrates the most popular equipment in Volkswagen. Block conditioning, navigation etc are mostly taken from the new Golf, in addition to certain technologies unavailable so far in the Polo range. Indeed it inherits including radar cruise control with distance, rare equipment on the small car segment.

In addition to a string of new products are already detailed, there is the arrival of new engines to better impose little on one of the most disputed segments in Western Europe. VW denies the revolution, but progresses rigorously to ensure the success of its Polo Ant, reinforcing its image as safe value, without taking risks.