Lexus LF-LC: This time for sure

Exposed and highlighted during many international exhibitions (from Detroit to Sydney in passing for example by Geneva), Lexus LF-LC concept shown at Detroit in 2012 is at the heart of conflicting rumors for months and months. Finally, as suggested by Brian Smith, vice president of marketing at Lexus, the concept will not remain a mere study…

Lexus LF-LC

Several weeks ago, Brian Smith, Vice President of marketing at Lexus, clearly positioned itself in favor of a derivative of the series to the LF-LC concept, study of 2+2 sports coupe which marked a new evolution in L-Finesse style been taken over by the brand’s cars.

Then the Lexus LF-LC concept, recognized for its design, was at the heart of recurring rumors. A blow yes. A blow not. Finally end the suspense after the vice president of Lexus Europe has just spoken in the columns of a British media.

Yes, a production model directly prefigured by the concept will soon expand in the Lexus catalog. Oriented rather than GT supercar as the LFA coupe will not be produced in a limited series as the supercar and V10.

This Japanese alternative to the Maserati GranTurismo for example should be offered in hybrid and mechanical thermal. However, no date has been mentioned. Alain Uyttenhoven did not comment on either the hypothesis to see this series of derived bring up to date the SC badge in the range…