Forget the 2.2-liter diesel engine of 124 hp. For the next Geneva Motor Show, the indestructible and timeless Land Rover Defender is made greens to succumb to the lure of electrification through a concept.

Land Rover Defender Electric

What in the long term to consider something of concrete in this direction? Not. Land Rover confirms bluntly: there is no plan of production. These seven electrified Defender will be used as rolling technology labs … And will test some of the technologies that could be introduced later in (a) model (s) of the brand.

The Defender 110 is dressed in green for the Geneva Motor Show and has a swap. The diesel engine and the classics gearbox are forgotten. Places were implanted motor power of 70kW and 330Nm, powered by a battery provided with original Axeon with a capacity of 27kWh. This offers a theoretical autonomy of 80 km.

Land Rover Defender Electric

The battery can be charged by a rapid 7kW in four hours or a portable charger 3kW in 10 hours. Otherwise expect 8 hours on standard outlet. Here the battery weighs 410 kg and is mounted on the front instead of the diesel engine. The weight does not climb too since it amounts to 2165 kg against 2055 kg.

The specific brand to complement a modified version of Land Rover Response was also included. These vehicles were developed by Land Rover Advanced Engineering Team. Note that the capacity of crossing adventurer and skills on the slopes would be preserved. Discover more in depth at the Geneva Motor Show.

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