Lamborghini Huracan loose some vocalisation

It was around the holiday season that the firm Sant’Agata Bolognese delivers his gift, a toy called to be produced by the thousands as was the case with its predecessor Gallardo…

Lamborghini Huracan

The successor of the Gallardo which follows the official teaser for a few weeks will actually revealed in outline by the end of this calendar year. A first step before seeing tread felted carpet of the Geneva Motor Show and undoubtedly establish itself as must-see stars of the swiss venue.

Called Cabrera, Cabrera LP600-4, it should finally assume the surname of Huracane. Conditional required since logically at Lamborghini not yet officially confirmed. By clicking this link, you can discover hidden and delivering some vocalizations: a copy was indeed surprised and recorded on a German motorway.

Mini Aventador has never been so close. Too late to order in Santa Claus this year, wait until next year.