Kia Niro Concept

Call KED-10 and finally Niro, but it is the same concept as the South Korean manufacturer will unveil its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. A concept on which Kia still not deliver much information.

Kia Niro

That is clear in what could be a new auto Kia of the segment B, a future potential rival to captured Renault or Nissan Juke (among other) unveiling under the futuristic lines and angular, an overall look obviously inspired by the latest generation of the Korean manufacturer.

This compact design, equipped with butterfly doors (100% bound concept), and quite leggy warning underfoot at the concrete information. Kia still looses the presence of an innovative powertrain without additional clarification. There is also a stainless steel roof.

Designed in the European design studio in Frankfurt led by Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Kia Europe, concept Kia Niro will be unveiled in detail on September 10. The futuristic concept to the series model settled in concessions in the future? According to the reactions of the media and customers, but the urban crossover segment is so promising…