Hyundai Veloster Velocity


Quite aggressive and tempestuous declination based on the Veloster Turbo, the Veloster Velocity does not usurp its patronymic. Is that this study, which will remain at this stage, can already be proud to claim a power multiplied by two in relation to the model in its standard configuration…

Hyundai Veloster Velocity

Jointly developed by Cosworth and by the technical center and design of the brand, the Hyundai Veloster Velocity based on the basic mechanical of Veloster 1.6 L T-GDI. Except that the 1.6 l Turbo has benefited from its batch of changes and improvements as can be noted through a new turbo, optimization of the injection, new pistons, exhaust line to measure…

All eventually grow to 400 hp and 475 Nm. The asymmetric Korean coupe leaps in terms of approval with respect to mechanical released by the 204 hp model series without that concept is detailed in terms of performance. The exterior styling is in keeping with the different body parts when the treatment provided to the passenger compartment is in the same tone as for example via the Sparco seats. A very nice achievement carved to take the trail on the form but that on the merits does treads nothing more that the carpets of the SEMA Show.

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