How to inflate a tire using a tire inflator

When you are able to inflate the tire properly, it is a very safe measure. The biggest asset of a full-blown tire is that it will not blow out and ditch you in the middle of the road. It can also add to the gas mileage. Keeping this in mind, you should know how to inflate a tire using a tire inflator. Go through this exercise to know more about protecting the wheels of the car.

inflate a tire

Step by step
Easy step guides help one to remember what to do when the manual is not handy. Do you have a tire gauge? If not, buy one from the auto spare part store. It looks like a long steel pencil. The pencil is actually a metal tube and has a ruler like gauge. It shows the air pressure. You may also opt for a dial gauge where the tire pressure can be clearly read. However, the digital tools are better, which are more accurate. They are in Led so it works in the night as well.

Now check the pressure – if you have the manual, read the optimum pressure the tire should have. Not all the tires may have the same pressure. The front and rear tires will show different readings. The range would be between 28 to 36 psi (pounds per square inch) or 195 to 250 kPa (kilopascals). The tires should be checked when they have cooled. When heated they expand and show different readings.

You will need to unscrew the cap, from the valve. Keep it in the pocket so that you do not lose it. Now use the metal gauge and place it in the plug end. Put it in the valve steam and press it down. There could be a hissing sound of escaping air. Press it until the hissing stops. Read the gauge to get the pressure. If the reading matches the manual, then move on to the next tire. If not, it requires pressure. Repeat this process with all the tires, including the spare.

How to inflate a tire using a tire inflator 12v
You can purchase a good tire inflator from any store that sells auto accessories. It is essential to check the tire pressure before a long ride. If the tire is punctured with a big hole, then this may not work. However, if it is small you may learn this simple technique. The 12V is not digital. When you fill the air, it will save you a lot and extend the life of the tire. It can be tried with the cigarette lighter in the car. The open end can be screwed to the valve. You can also use a lock lever type of connector. Then you can turn on the inflator on to fill the air. When the pressure gauge reaches the recommended reading then you need to turn off the inflator and disconnect it totally. Unplug the 12V plug also. Use a pressure gauge to know that the inflator did the work.