Ford: Return of conventional controls on MyFord Touch

Acclaimed for its innovative aspect, being criticized for its complexity, MyFordTouch is extended over the entire range of the American manufacturer now, and began to spread to other parts of the world. Like the F150, the next model will mark a change of direction with the return of traditional controls, in addition to others.

MyFord Touch

Since its introduction in 2010, MyFord Touch has been praised by the media, both in the field automotive and new technologies. Bringing together in one system controls the various functions of information, comfort, entertainment, it also quickly been criticized for its complexity, its weight, its bugs … for example attracting the wrath of the powerful Consumer Reports.

Critics which do not currently prevent to be appreciated by many users. Surveys suggest that owners of cars equipped with My Ford Touch are generally more satisfied with their cars than others. More than two Ford sold in the United States is equipped.

However, Ford is aware of the criticism, and wants to continue to further improve the system. Controlled either by touch screen, voice commands or steering wheel controls, MyFordTouch will also be controlled by conventional buttons and knobs for some of its functions (air conditioning, radio). An application already shown by the F150 pickup.