Ford Cars: An Economic Treat to Today’s Fuel Worries

The United States of America happens to be the biggest passenger vehicle market in the world. It is the originating nation of world’s three largest vehicle manufacturing firms: General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler, more popularly known as “The Big Three”.

Focus ST Hatchback

Every year newer generations of cars with updated technology are launched which have amazing features giving the customers increased number of options and each car makes an impact on the market. Ford cars are among such series of successful generations.

Of late, many compact affordable cars were launched to suit the economic conditions of the middle class people. Amongst them, Ford cars have made a strong entry in the market. Ford cars are in demand because of their high fuel efficiency, latest technology, innovative looks and sleek style. Ford provides a very wide range of affordable cars with unique style and dynamic finish.

SUVs and Crossovers are real kings of the automobile market recently. They have taken the market by storm with their huge variety. As the name indicates, crossovers employ combination of technology to give best-in-class fuel economy, low maintenance costs and automatic cars. Suvs are smart vehicles utilizing motion sensing technology. They are specially made for fun-loving adventurous souls.

But the topmost affordable car in the market this year is Ford Focus. It is available in 7 fuel efficient models in attractive colors. It has been admired by some of the toughest critics in the world. This year”s release Focus ST Hatchback comes with additional fun and exclusive features making it more powerful, addictive and dynamic. It gives a high fuel efficient mileage, allowing you more road and less pumps. Its unique Active park assist function is a big help in parking. Supplying precise response to high way speeds and ideal manoeuvre to city traffic, its crisps breaks give you the immense pleasure of driving as well as the power of being in control. So if you are willing to turn some heads and burn some hearts on the road, this is your car. Go for it.

Ford Focus connects you best to what matters most. With the patented voice-activated Ford SYNC, your paired phone is recognized and your contacts can be easily downloaded to support even voice calling. It also can play music tracks from your phone and synced MP3 or iPod. When it comes to luxury and entertainment features, this car is second to none. It provides a spacious interior with leather-trimmed seats, dual zone automatic temperature control. So enjoy it all from a cockpit that helps you conquer the road.