Classic, G-Power releases a terrible BMW M3 GTS

BMW X6M by G-Power: 725 hp. 1M Series by G-Power: 435 hp. M3 by G-Power: 720 hp. Patronymics as Hurricane, Hurricane RR or Hurricane RS wages MSDS oversized … Etc, etc, not exhaustive. Germans G-Power never miserly in doping agents on the mechanical level have just revealed their ultimate realization. A program obviously worthy of their more tempestuous achievements…


Expert preparations on anything with a propeller, G-Power have officiated this time on 250 units of the M3 GTS. And preparing his favorite ingredients to provide the German bomb shock treatment. Clearly? The ASA T1-523 compressor comes to offer a little extra fishing when the 4.4 V8, in addition, new sports exhaust, intake and modification of electronic line management are obviously on the menu.


The 450 hp series are relegated far in retro since this realization boasts 650 hp and 630 Nm or 190 Nm more. In terms of performance, speed rises to 323 km/h when the exercise of the 0 to 100 km/h fell by three-tenths to 4.1s. Count 11.8s before displaying 200 km/h on the clock, stopwatch in progression of 2.2s.

G-Power also offers aero changes through the elements of a body kit, sports tires for Michelin 255/30 and 295/25, 20″ Silverstone CS rims, carbon ceramic brakes, etc…