Audi Sport Quattro Concept

We knew the Quattro Concept is based on a shortened chassis and A5 led by 5-cylinder 2.5-liter TFSI increased to 400 hp. Here is version number two with the generic Audi Sport Quattro Concept, a strong (as anticipated) rechargeable hybrid concept of 700hp and 800Nm.

Audi Sport Quattro Concept

Three years after the first concept of its kind in the aisles unveiled World of Automobile in Paris, and thirty years after the revelation of some Quattro (already unveiled in Frankfurt), here is the Audi Sport Quattro Concept.

A concept whose style can leave indifferent or at least does not surprising nor brings breath of fresh air. A concept that the overall look is actually quite wise compared to what self cache. A concept which the concept name may even be a spoofed stranded both everything seems fairly concrete (Audi uses the rest the term show because at a time).

Clear at the outset its size: 4.60m long, 1.96m wide with a height of 1.38m and a wheelbase of 2.78m. This sports coupe AWD claims 1.85t (CFRP, steel, aluminum, carbon fiber).

Audi Sport Quattro Concept

Place to mechanics. We find the 4.0L Biturbo V8 (for example RS6) 580hp and 700Nm in combination with an engine power of 110kW (150hp) and 400Nm (lithium-ion 14.1 kWh) electric motor located between V8 and 8-speed auto box.

In the end, this rechargeable hybrid coupe shows 700hp and 800Nm to 305 km/h top speed and 3.5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. Once again the favorable approval cycle models of the genre allow Audi to announce 2.5L/100km to 59g/km of CO2.

It can also specify the three driving modes (electric, hybrid, sport), a 100% electric range of 50 km, the bucket seats, Matrix LED technology (like the A8) specific instrumentation, etc.