Formula E: More power racing

With the development of new running gear, the formula E began its evolution into a series of “normal” motorsport. This season will be also available in the race power increase.

formula E

During the first season, the available power for Formula E was 133 kW (180 hp) for the first few tests and then had gone to 150 kW (approx. 204 hp) for the first season with a chance to reach 200 kilowatts (270 hp) during testing or during the “fan boost”. Now it is 170 kilowatts (230 hp) that will use the drivers and still 200 kilowatts at peak. Williams Advanced Engineering has worked on various components for this.

Batteries however retain their total capacity of 28 kWh. However the increase in available power should not lead to higher consumption through more efficient engines trains. In the end we should have a faster sprint and/or more tactics to shift the car change halfway. The boost fan will create it a less significant difference but will be still interesting.

Alejandro Agag said: “The development of future battery technologies is one of the foundations of the championship. Formula E should show the progress of electric vehicle technology and through the development of Williams Advanced Engineering, we will have a faster sprint, better and more exciting this season”.

To recall, the opening of the second season was postponed one week and Beijing e-Prix will take place on 24 October.