Each year, the Los Angeles Auto Show is the scene of a contest of design in which take part of many manufacturers. This year, the theme is the police vehicle of future. And Mercedes took the opportunity to make a proposal for the future G-Class…

Mercedes Ener-G-Force

The design competition of the Los Angeles Auto Show is usually limited to drawings and sketches, but Mercedes has decided to go a little further this year, with a scale model 1. This is the proposal of the studio team of Carlsbad on the theme of the future police car can interest the mark in more than one way.

Mercedes Ener-G-Force

Indeed, assuming that the increase in leisure and the desire of freedom will require also police vehicles able to intervene on all the grounds, the designers have not focused on a simple patrol car or prosecution. Their proposal is indeed an extreme off-road. A G-Class for 2025. We understand the interest to go further as the brand continues to push the end of life of G, born in 1979. An end-of-life which will be one day inevitable… Simple proposal for a style without any constraint of production, the Ener-G-Force capitalizes some elements of the G style to the front and rear, emphasizing its musculature.

Side motorization, here also no realism, since the basic fuel is supposed being of water, then transformed into hydrogen to supply a combustible battery generating of electricity, and water… As we are in an ideal world of science fiction, performance issues or origin of the energy needed to generate hydrogen from water… The lateral bars not acting as protection, but as removable stocking of energy.

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