What to look for when purchasing a jump starter

There exists a generic situation, which almost each one of us faces in our daily lives; this is nothing but the wrath of the terrible traffic jams, in which we are invariably stuck when we have to reach office or any other desired place at a specific time. Adding to the menace is the car not working at that point of time. Here comes the need for a jump starter.

jump starter

Naturally, queries like what to look for when purchasing a jump starter, definitely arise in the minds of car enthusiasts who will look for the best applications and parts, to give a power-up to their machine.

Technically, a battery starter or a jump starter are two similar things and are considered as an emergency avid helper. It offers backup for the car battery, on which the engine functions. It comes with a sealed gel pack battery and lead acid item, with in-built clamp cables and an inverter, emergency lights, accessory receptacles, air compressor and a radio, which helps to re-ignite your car engine. It is available in many types on the market, and one must select one carefully. Among the two main categories of jump starters, some basic functionalities need to be checked before selecting one. The essential things to look for while purchasing a battery jump are as follows:

The power of the battery: The power of the battery of a jump starter is the motion which helps it to play its role. It supports in an emergency situation by having enough cranking amps and peaks, where the peak amps are directly proportional to the amount of battery to be charged at that any point of time.

The type of battery: Conventionally whatever battery type the vehicle holds, one should stick to the same battery type for the jump starter. It should match so that the work becomes effortless.

The length of the cable: This is yet another prime factor that needs to be considered while buying a jump starter. The length of the cable must be long enough, so to assist the whole procedure, which is normally around three feet long.

Recharge capacity: It is a battery at the end of the day that saves your vehicle, but one should make sure that it can be recharged at any given point of time using the built-in AC cord.

Prevention: Heavy duty insulated clamps are also a necessity to prevent electrical shocks, and instead make a good contact with the battery posts.

Warranty: Any electrical device comes with warranty denominations; which is nine months to two years, in the case of a jump starter for the car. Although it depends on the quality of the product, but one should keep all these postulates in mind while getting one for their car or a tractor, etc.

We have tried to list a few points that need to be kept in mind before purchasing a jump starter. So do your research and buy the best one, after all it saves you from a lot of trouble when your car isn’t working.