Volkswagen Kombi: a special edition before the end clap

Volkswagen has many iconic vehicles among which are the “Cox” but also the “Kombi”. It is still produced in Brazil, but for a few days only. A special series by way of farewell to this symbol of the “flower power” generation.

Volkswagen Kombi

The special edition (called “last edition”, why do more complicated?) have 600 copies. Last 600 units “Kombinationsfahrzeug” – or “vehicle combination” in the language of Goethe – which will be sold at 85,000 reais (either 26,700 euros). Launched in 1950 by Volkswagen, the Kombi has been with Cox the first vehicle of the brand in Brazil in 1957.

According to VW, the Kombi is the model that “has the greatest longevity in the history of the automotive industry”. The special series dresses some stickers “56 anos – Kombi – Last Edition” and a bi-colored sky and white tint. Of tires with white sidewalls added bar button “vintage” if needed.

Volkswagen Kombi

Inside, the dashboard has retained its old-world design and features as the ultimate vanity a numbered plate. Totally quirky and timeless, the Kombi is one of those iconic vehicles that have marked the automobile history and it is hard to see it stop.