Mercedes Car Leasing for Businesses

Every business, whether big or small, essentially must maintain at least one or more vehicles to provide for the transportation and mobility of personnel. Procurement and subsequent maintenance of the Company’s fleet puts a considerable dent in financial reserves of the Company.

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Moreover, often senior business executives prefer to opt for high-end models from leading Auto-makers, to maintain a high-profile brand image for their own Business.

Mercedes Benz cars
Mercedes Benz is renowned the world over for its technological innovation and sleek, sophisticated cars. Possessing a Mercedes car implies possessing class and sophistication. It is no wonder then, that to project an image of Class, Sophistication and Excellence, most business buyers prefer Mercedes Benz vehicles. It is also no secret that Mercedes Benz cars are the one of the most expensive cars purchase of which can have an adverse impact on the cash resources of any business.

A solution to this issue is to opt for a Business Lease for your Mercedes from economy leasing.

Business Car Leasing
Business car leasing is a viable option for companies seeking to reduce the negative financial impact of purchase and maintenance of Company cars. In view of the preference of top businesses for the Mercedes Benz brand, Mercedes Benz- specific leasing options are today available in the market.

Leasing a ‘Merc’- as the Mercedes Benz is popularly referred to – is a sound option. The Company can enter into a lease agreement for usage of the vehicle for a fixed tenure, on paying of a fixed amount as down payment. During the lease period, monthly payments have to be made to the leaser. This amount is calculated on the basis of term of use, expected mileage, and other services opted for. At the end of the lease period, the car is simply returned to the leaser subject to a Vehicle Returns Standards Agreement.

Advantages of leasing a Mercedes Benz car
Advantages are manifold when you hire Mercedes from economy leasing. The Company is able to procure and use a brand-new Mercedes car at the fraction of the car cost, thus freeing up available cash reserves for utilization in other important business areas.

Low maintenance and running costs, as a new car is covered by warranty for the first few years.

The car rental payment and other running expenses provide savings in taxes payable. Also, the impact of depreciation in the value of the car is not borne by the Company.

Moreover, at the end of the lease, a newer or more advanced model can be opted for – this has a positive bearing on the ‘in tune with the times’ image of the Company.

However, before finalizing a lease agreement, the Company must obtain clarity on certain issues like, a) the authorized servicing agent prescribed by the leaser, b) quantum of penalty – in case of excess mileage, c) Insurance liabilities and any other hidden costs and d) charges applicable, in case of early termination of the agreement. This will ensure that there are no unexpected liabilities at the time of return of the vehicle.