Do you know what OBD2 is?

If you have ever read the acronym OBD2 related to the automotive world and you are not sure what they mean, this text will interest you, since we are going to inform you about what they mean and why they are important for the operation of your car. Take note of what we are going to tell you next.

A definition of OBD2

The aforementioned acronyms correspond to the words: On Board Diagnostics 2. The inclusion of the number 2 in the name implies that this OBD represents a second version of the product, which increases performance.

On Board Diagnostics 2

Broadly speaking, it is a passive safety system of the vehicle that serves to verify the operation of its sensors. In particular, but not only, it reports on those who measure emissions to the atmosphere from the gases that pollute it.

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It therefore allows monitoring of a series of indicators that, in the event of a particular problem, would require adjustments to the car’s mechanics, since its safe driving would be at risk. In the following lines we analyze in more depth the characteristics of the use of this control system. Keep reading.

What is OBD for?

This technology, although it has been perfected, was already released in the eighties of the twentieth century. It is a protocol system that warns of malfunctions in emission controls in catalytic converters and the burning of gasoline. The injection system and the air intakes to the engine are also checked.

Keep in mind that there has been a growing sensitivity about air pollution caused by the gases released by vehicles. The inclusion of this preventive measure means that the driver is notified by the lighting of a lamp on their control panels, for example, when the authorized pollutant emission levels are being exceeded.

Where is the OBD2 connector located?

The port that the OBD2 connector can be plugged in from, you can usually see it near where the feet meet the pedals. Look in the fuse box or under the steering wheel.

On the other hand, while in the past this information could only be received through RS-232 connections, now you will be able to carry them out via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which makes it easier to receive the information on the data connection device in which it is more comfortable for you to follow it.

What are the benefits of this monitoring?

We must point out that, when you see the emergency light activated, you should go to your trusted workshop to arrange the regularization of emissions and catalysis. Reliable OBD monitoring will result in no failure of the following mechanisms: combustion, fuel supply circuit, catalytic converter, integral components, and oxygen sensors.

The automotive sensors that are used to measure the indicators related to the previous systems will be scanned automatically. When the verifications alert of failures, these will be notified by means of codes that will provide the opportune data to manage the pertinent corrections.

OBD2 and Price

If you wonder about the relationship between OBD2 and price, you should know that, depending on their performance, you have them for between 100 and 900 USD.

Ultimately, OBD2 systems promote your safety on the road and reduce your carbon footprint. We hope that today you have learned something more and, do not forget that we will return with more articles of interest about motor. Thanks for your reading!