Carat Edition: The Golf inherited a new high-end finish

Volkswagen announces that the range of its Golf is now capped by a new finish. A cut above the Carat finish now is the Carat Edition. The Golf range is now more overseen by the Carat finish. Volkswagen announced in effect introducing the Carat Edition.

vw carat edition

Without any form of surprise, this new finish shows the various facilities of the Carat finish. Of course, the endowment of the new finish is widely enriched.

In detail, Volkswagen announced thus: 17″ MADRID rims, rear-view camera, rear lights tinted to leds, directional bi-xenon headlamps and daytime running lamps to leds, on-board color, heated front seats, Vienna leather or power adjustable driver’s seat and multimedia system with 8 inch touch screen and GPS.

Available with manual transmission and DSG dual clutch transmission, the Golf is available with two petrol engines of TSI 125 hp and TDI 150 hp with 110 hp and 150 hp.

The Carat Golf Edition looks at the floor price of 30,760 euro to 1.4 TSI 125 hp and 5-door, VW encrypting the customer benefit to 2,700 euro compared to Carat finish equivalent equipment.