10 things that car insurance does not cover

The insurance policy of a car also has small print and does not cover all the incidents that you may have. Here are the 10 most common things for which the insurance of your car will not take over.

car insurance not cover

The small print… that great unknown that the ordinary mortals usually not read. In the case of car insurance, these have a multitude of policies with different and broad coverage. However, there are some exceptions and incidents that the insurance of a car will not take over. We detail them.

1. Natural and meteorological disasters

Your insurance will not be liable if, for example, your car is swept away in a flood or tree falls down by the strong winds.

Something similar happens if the circumstance occurs that your car suffers damages by a terrorist attack or by military operations in times of peace.

2. Circulate with the ITV expired and does not have an accident

Having the ITV expired is the reason for your insurance not to give you coverage if you are involved in an accident and you are guilty. Another thing is that your vehicle is affected but has not been the cause or that it is established that not having passed this opinion has nothing to do with the incident; in these cases, the insurer must take charge.

3. Exceed the number of passengers or cargo

The technical data sheet of the vehicle accurately collects the maximum tare that it admits and the number of passengers that can travel on it. If you suffer an accident and it is found that you have not complied with these rules, the insurance will refuse to give you any coverage, either for damage to the vehicle or for damages suffered by its occupants.

4. Under 25 years of age

Children under 25 years of age must be declared in the policy as drivers, although the use they make of the car is occasional. Otherwise, if they have an accident, the insurance is exonerated from all responsibility; and not only that: the person to charge will be the proprietor of this vehicle, who will have to answer for any personal injury.

5. Driving on unpaved/asphalt roads

The insurance of the car is only responsible for the incidents that you have in conventional roads suitable for the circulation of vehicles. Therefore, unpaved roads, among others, are excluded. If you are going to travel through atypical places, hire a policy that provides this coverage and you can also access the corresponding assistance if needed.

6. Family Accident

Insurers do not usually cover the parts that reflect an accident between drivers with a family bond. The reason is none other than to avoid the picaresque of declaring a fictitious sinister so that the insurance takes charge of the arrangements. In these cases, in many cases, possibly, irregular situations are also contemplated, such as that the respondents are neighbors.

7. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

It is obvious that if you have an accident for driving while drunk or drugged, the insurer will not respond to your actions and consequences. In addition, you must face the sanctions attached to this type of behavior.

8. Driving without a license

The license is the document that enables you to drive and without it, there is no car insurance worth. Although you figure in the contract as the owner of the vehicle, lacking the license is reason enough to not give you any coverage. This section also includes having the card withdrawn due to total loss of points or the one that has expired.

9. Accessories or equipment not declared

When you buy insurance you have to provide all the data of the car: make, model, motorization and version. The version refers expressly to what the vehicle carries as standard equipment, and must clearly reflect what you have added more. In case of accident, the insurance only and only responds to what is specified in the contract. If you like tuning, it is best to hire a specific insurance: a conventional one will not give you coverage or it will not count towards you.

10. Stealing the car to leave the keys in

The theft coverage may or may not be included in the policy with the consequent limitations. However, leaving the car with the keys – or with any other device that allows to start and circulate – and having it stolen is considered a theft and, therefore, regardless of what you have hired, the insurance company will not cover.

The insurance also does not take charge of the theft of the objects inside the vehicle, regardless of how they have accessed them.