10 secrets of the Lexus CT200H: The degree of experience

Lexus knew how to read the future and today its hybrid technology has proven to adapt to new requirements, both user and environmental. These are the keys to its compact model, the Lexus CT200H, a veteran among the hybrids of the market. Here we discuss some of the secrets of the Lexus CT200H….

secrets of Lexus CT200h

10 secrets of the Lexus CT200H

1. Hybrid, according to Lexus

Hybridization of the CT200h does not require reprogramming its driver and the novelty of its driving is quickly assimilated and very didactic. A 1.8 gasoline engine of 99hp and another electric 82hp powered by self-recharging batteries alternate and/or combine with each other for a propulsion always as efficient as possible. Its automatic E-CVT continuous adjustment is the best ally to integrate the operation of both engines and obtain the best response for performance, consumption and driving pleasure of its 136hp combined.

Lexus CT200h engine

2. Chameleon

With four operating profiles, the CT200h adapts to different environments and needs to perform as an urban example, even a compact stimulant. From a selector of the central console, you can vary the laws of performance of your engines, the change, the direction, etc, according to the script established in its modes ECO, Normal and Sport, in addition to the exclusively electric EV mode, which assures us mobility without noise or exhaust emissions within the capacities of the battery.

3. Self-Reloading

The CT200h does not depend on a plug or downtime to recharge the battery that powers its electric motor. It recharges on its own when it slows or brakes; or also the gasoline engine itself can derive some energy to run the electric motor as a generator, to also recharge it. There are many times that the CT200h is assisted or propelled free of charge with the energy of its batteries, reducing gasoline consumption and cost of use, especially in the urban day to day. The average consumption approved varies according to finishes between 3.6 and 4.1 l/100 km.

4. Design

In addition to sophistication, Lexus is also design and quality. And these fields are also values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are seen in the CT200h. There is a lot of personality in their strokes and a lot of dedication in the nuance. The front grille is an imposing brand symbol. And the new daylight signs a presence of many carats. The darkened rear windows create a contrast that is as sporty as it is elegant. From all angles, the CT200h transmits the exclusivity and value of a premium product. An elaborate range of two-tone body colors in the F-Sport finish, which highlights its black roof – or the range of tires reflect the principles of Lexus … and CT200h.

5. Omotenashi

A traditional welcoming ritual of Japanese culture inspires the interior of the CT200h. Their design, comfort, quality or functionality generate well-being in an environment where they stand out from the chosen materials, to the adjustments between pieces, through the touch of all their elements or the careful ergonomics.

6. F-Sport

The F-Sport finish emphasizes the sportiness that also carries inside all Lexus. Its image reinforced with exclusive bumpers, rear spoiler and 17-inch wheels, but also, inside the seats, the upholstery, the steering wheel and the aluminum bottom bracket pay homage to the Fuji Speedway, where Lexus fine-tuned their sports models.

7. Semi-Autonomous

The pleasure of driving, but also of being driven, is key in the pleasure as in the safety of the CT200h. There are many automations that assist the driver… not to get out of the lane, to adjust the speed of the car that precedes us, to park, change lights or automatically brake to avoid a hit or collision.

8. Structural

The chassis is suitable since the project CT200h is a sketch to be a hybrid car. The battery of the electric motor is strategically placed under the rear seat, leaving space for an elaborate multi-link rear suspension. The light construction and weight distribution is also supported by a aerodynamic.

9. Connected

The central display of 17.8 cm Lexus Media Display system is the nerve center of the CT200h multimedia system, which in addition to serving as a display control parking and other services, brings together all the features and navigation connectivity of the moment. We can even generate a QR code that we download to our mobile, to continue walking our way to the destination entered in the navigation system.

10. As an electric

But the most surprising thing about the CT200h is its ability to shoot in many situations exclusively powered by its electric motor and, therefore, the user experience is incontestable. The maneuvers of parking, the slow driving in traffic jams or the first few meters of relaunching up to 45 km/h can be undertaken in electric mode, with the advantages of all kinds that this entails, including its beneficial ECO label.