The agreement with Renault is signed but for now this Caterham present it is still and always inimitable Seven donations the small British constructor continues developing the market with wisdom. After the Superlight R600 introduced last month, here’s Supersport R.

Caterham Seven Supersport R

A year ago Caterham introduced the Supersport, a version licensed approved for the road of the car used for monotype series in Britain. Very logically, the amateurs of Seven, that the idea of a car of lane for the road casts down no way, on the contrary, threw themselves eagerly on the model and Caterham drew consequences and introduces Supersports R, the same in more powerful.

Caterham Seven Supersport R

While Superport uses the Ford Sigma 1.6-liter, it is the other engine Ford of the range, the Duratec 2L of 182 HP which takes place under the hood of the Supersport that inherits from the characteristics of its little sister: five case reports (6 optional), limited slip differential, supersport suspension, semi-slicks Avon CR500 tire, composite bucket, 4-point harness wind and jump…

Of course, this is not the R500 or R600, but with 535 kg of total weight, 180 horses are beginning to cause. The car mounted displays all 27,995 pounds or 35,000 euros.

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